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  • Published on Jun 08, 2015

    Life hacks have become increasingly popular in the past few years. It's quite remarkable how problems can be solved with household items that you typically have or ones that are usually much cheaper than the normal fix. We compiled a list of hacks that should help your RV and your general camping experience.

    Dry Erase Board

    Proper safety is key when camping. Need a place to keep all relevant campground information? All you need is a small dry erase board. Adhere it to the back of a cupboard door. When you arrive at a new campground write down the name, address, spot number and campground phone number. That way if you need emergency help, you’ll be able to tell them exactly where you are.


    Tired of pesky flies making their way into your RV? Try Pine-sol! Take a spray bottle and fill it up with ½ Pine-sol and ½ water. Spray around counter, tables and awnings to keep flies away for hours!

    Water Bottle Eggs

    Want scrambled eggs for breakfast? Crack a few eggs into a water bottle and add milk. Shake and then pour into the pan for an easy and mess free breakfast! Plus you can seal the bottle and save it for later.

    Shower Caddies

    Use shower caddies to create a fun way to store kid activities. All you need are shower caddies with suction cups. Just adhere them to a window and store colored pencils, crayons and coloring books there. That way everything is in one place. It’s great for long car trips as well!

    Laundry Basket

    Ever need a large trash can when picnicking or at a campsite? Create your own by putting a trash bag in a collapsible laundry basket! It’s easy to store when on the road and you no longer have to deal with uncooperative trash bags or too small trash cans.

    Not very DIY or don’t have a collapsible laundry basket on hand? No problem! Visit our parts store to purchase a collapsible trashcan!


    Do mosquitoes seem to think your blood is the best treat they have ever had? Tired of have to spray repellents all over yourself in the hope of relief from the constant attacks? Try adding a bundle of sage to your campfire! It should keep them away and it smells great too.

    Flea Collars

    Wasps are unfortunately attracted to the smell of propane. Want to keep them from setting up shop in your RV? Buy a flea collar and cut it in half. Place the halves on the bottom of a refrigeration or water heater compartment and the wasps will take their business elsewhere.

    Rangitsch Bros RV

    If you have a problem that these tips can’t solve Rangitsch Brothers would be glad to help with anything RV related. We carry a large and diverse inventory of great RV parts and accessories. Our online parts store is stacked full of great items and accessories you will be sure to need for your next camping adventure!

    If you need anything at all from parts to service to RV sales, at Rangitsch Brothers RV we have it all!

    We hope to see you soon!

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