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  • Published on Mar 05, 2015

    Who has cabin fever? I know we do! We are ready for spring to begin, and this cold weather to end. On that note, now is the time for folks to start prepping for spring travels.  So, some advice from our RV Service Manager.

    1) Batteries - Test your batteries to make sure they are ok.  That includes checking the water levels.

    2) Seals - If your unit has been covered or stored, once the snow has melted off of it, check all of your roof seals and exterior seals around windows, doors, etc. You might need to do some spot sealing. Catching those now, will save you have roof leaks in the future.

    3) Tires - Check your tread and make sure they are aired up to the proper psi.

    4) Appliances - Clean/Blow out & test your appliances.  Sometimes those flying insects can make their way in and build nests. Also, dust can sometimes cause your appliance to not work properly.

    5) Rodents - I know, we don't like to think about those. But, they are tenacious and if they think your RV is a nice winter home, they will find a way in. Check all around & underneath to make sure none made their way in.

    6) Exterior lights - Plug in your unit to your truck, SUV, or whatever you tow your unit with (if you have a towable type unit) and test your turn signals, brake lights & make sure the clearance/marker lights are working.

    There you have it. If you get started early on getting your unit ready, if you do find problems then you can get them repaired before you start camping.  Because, who wants to run into a problem when they just start to head out or while they are out RVing?

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